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Diadema constantly collaborates with professionals in the sector, both in Italy and abroad, as resellers of home appliances and furnishing accessories, architects, studios and interior designers.

For this reason we create the possibility to create a direct dialogue to provide specific technical information, dedicated quotations and also regarding the method of purchase, by writing to info@diademaitaly.com or by contacting us at Tel: +39 380 6981031.

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Diadema proposes the value of Made in Italy applied to built-in appliances that can be interpreted as real luxury items. Our products, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, are not present in large-scale distribution: by their nature they are the result of an almost artisanal production aimed, attentive to detail and to the achievement of high reliability and dedicated to a customer segment that is able to recognize its intrinsic value.

In the range we offer, the ice maker / water dispenser stands out, the only one of its kind on the market which, in its various declinations and finishes (stainless steel, black steel, black glass, with touch control or TFT display, which delivers both water natural and sparkling as well as producing ice) has long been a great success in many countries.
Design and Functionality

  • Multifunction Coffee Machine
  • Blast Chiller
  • Water Dispenser With Ice
  • Ice Maker
  • Wine Cellar
  • Multifunction Oven With Steam And Ionizer