Still water dispenser with ice maker and TFT display
22 November 2019
Built-in ice maker – single drawer – Various finishes
31 July 2020

Sparkling and still water dispenser with ice maker and TFT display


Customizable aesthetics

– TFT display
– Connection to the drinkable water mains
– Led lighting
– Removable drip tray
– Multilingual display
– Ice drawer: 600 g
– Ice cycle: every 12 minutes
– Ice production: 10 Kg/24h
– Still water temperature: room temperature
– Sparkly water temperature: 8-11°C

with sparkling and still water dispenser

Approximate shipping times: 15 working days

The TFT display (Thin Film Transistor) replaces the Touch Control display allowing a more intuitive and rapid management of the available functions by accessing it with a single touch, thus eliminating written texts and giving a more attractive and high tech aesthetic.

– Voltage: 220-240 V / 50/60 Hz
– Voltage: 110V/60 Hz on request

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