Built-in wine cellar

140 and CIK 141 are built-in wine cellar and stand out above all because they are unique in the general panorama. They are designed and made entirely in Italy following essential and minimal lines. The thin steel shelves with wood edging to allow a good air movement strengthen their own elegance and are perfect in any kitchen or home. It contains up to 42 bottles (750 ml format) with temperature regulation between 5 ° C and 18 ° C, satisfying the needs of those who are very fond of wine properties and guarantee the correct preservation of the product and its organoleptic properties.

The CIK 140 model, designed to be completely integrated into the kitchen in terms of aesthetics, is equipped with a paneled blind door. What is noteworthy is the special hinge, specially designed which, with its double movement in extraction and rotation, allows an optimal opening of the door even if completely built-in.

The CIK 141 model, on the other hand, is born with the desire to show your precious bottles, so that they also represent a furnishing object, and therefore endowed with a glass door. A recurring theme for Diadema is the product customization that allows you to choose between the door frame in stainless steel or black steel finish.

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