Built-in ice makers and water dispensers

In a single appliance you can have both the ice machine that can dispense ice cubes in quantities, and the water dispenser.
The ice producers of Diadema are designed with the aim of managing the best spaces of their kitchen; in fact, they are ice dispensers and built-in water dispensers.
Depending on the model, it is possible to dispense only natural water, or both natural and sparkling, both at a temperature of about 8 °C. 8 °C.

Domestic ice producers are able to produce 10 kg of ice per 24H, having an ice tray with a capacity of 600gr.

Diadema also gives the possibility to add some extra options:
- Pressure gauge for CO2 regulation
- Immersion pump
- Carbon filter


– Customizable aesthetics
– Push button or touch control
– Connection to the drinkable water mains
– Led lighting
– Removable drip tray
– Multilingual display
– Ice drawer: 600 g
– Ice cycle: every 12 minutes
– Ice production: 10 Kg/24h
– Still water temperature: 8°C
– Sparkly water temperature: 8°C


– Fully integrated water and ice dispenser
– Automatic stop when ice full


– Water missing warning
– Automatic search and display of warnings
– Electronic controls and programming
– Safety thermoswitch for high temperatures
– All front components can be pulled out and washed
– Energy saving mode
– Programming according to user’s settings

Technical data

– Material: stainless steel 304 and glass
– Dimensions: H 436 mm. x L 558,5 mm. X P 380 mm
– Front frame dimensions: H 450 mm. x L 595 mm. x P 19 mm
– Appliance weight: 26/32 Kg
– Package dimensions: H 550xW 700xD 455mm
– Package dimensions drawer: H 250xW 600xD 455mm
– Gross weight: max 32/38 Kg
– Standard connection cable: schuko plug
– Pressure H2O: 150-400kPa (1.5-4 bar)
– Pressure CO2: 350-500kPa (3.5-5 bar)
– Carbonation system: saturator 0.75 l
– Carbonation capacity: inox Aisi 1 l
– Refrigerant gas: R134A – 85g
– Noise Level: >40 dBA
– Rated electrical power: 0,06 kW – 0,3 A
– Voltage: 220-240V / 50/60Hz
– Voltage: 110V/60 Hz on request
– Energy consumption in a year: >180 kW/h (A++))
– Approvals: CE – EMC – SGS

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