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The Blast Chiller reinterprets the way you cook and feed, allowing you to have a healthier and more controlled diet for the whole family every day.

Just as in the kitchens of the best restaurants, the food will remain unaltered flavors and intrinsic qualities and can be stored for much longer.

The blast chiller becomes an indispensable tool for the consumption of raw fish, in a country like Italy where the latter is traditionally highly appreciated in addition to the newest spread of sushi.

The fish is often subject to harmful contamination by anisakis (parasite transmitted by the fish itself), salmonella and staphylococcus.

The blast chilling process prevents bacteria from attacking the food, allowing us to taste it without any risk of intoxication.


– Push buttons or touch control
– Multilanguages display
– Net capacity: 35 liters
– Blast chilling: +3°C
– Freezing: -18°C a -35°C
– Sanitation: -20°C per 24h
– Drinks cooling: 1°/minuto
– Thawing: +3°C a +10°C
– Proofing: +20°C a +30°C
– Ready made dish: +35°C a 45°C


– Fully integrated digital blast chiller
– Blast chiller for a domestic use
– Managing of temperature recognition ate the core
– Electronic controls and programming
– Energy saving mode
– Automatic search and display of warnings

Technical data

– Material: stainless steel 304 and glass
– Product dimensions: H 595 / 572 x W 595 x D 575 mm
– Measures of the forniture for flush mounting for fit for frame installation:
H 597 x W 597 x D min. 577 mm
– Measures of the forniture for flush mounting: H 593 / min. 575 x W 569 x D min. 577 mm
– Appliance weight: 24 Kg
– Package dimensions: H 650 x W 650 x D 600 mm
– Gross weight: 35 Kg
– Product volume: 0,30 mc
– Voltage: 220-240V / 50-60 Hz
– Refrigerant gas: R600a – 24g
– Noise level: minore di 45 dBA
– Rated electrical power max: 0,7/ A
– Power: 55/100W
– Climatic class: N, SN, ST
– Classe of isolation: I
– Energy consumption: 0.40 kWh/24h (A+)
– Standard connection cable: schuss plug
– CE – SGS – RoHS