The products, stricltly Made in Italy, that DIADEMA offers you, inevitably have a history made of traditional craftsmanship behind. This characteristic marks all the items that you can find in this section. The ability of Florentine master craftsmen, handed down from generation to generation, has allowed the Sezzatini company to produce, since 1964, trays and objects of great value for our home. The Sezzatini company was the first one to enhance and export the Florentine handcraft all over the world joining under its name the most famous master craftsmen of Florence producing unique items with refined features, essence of a culture dating back to the fourteenth century.

The company is the oldest one in this sector and it has been operating for 50 years and its creations are entirely handmade both in the name of the fourteenth century decorative tradition and innovation thanks to a continuous research in creating shapes , designs and combinations considered to be unique. These are the characteristics marking the items that DIADEMA offers its customers.

They are items of great value and attention to the smallest details. The Florentine wooden Sezzatini trays, entirely produced and decorated by hand, are created by master craftsmen’s skilled hands who, every year, can combine tradition and innovation as well.

Sezzatini thermos wisely combine modernity with its needs and elegance together with fefinement expressed by the creative art of decoration according to the ancient Florentine artisan techniques.


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