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12 January 2023

How to choose an ice machine

How to choose an ice machine

How to choose an ice machine

How to choose an ice machine? This is one of several questions that many people ask themselves before buying this appliance.

An ice machine is an indispensable appliance on all those occasions when it is necessary to have ice available. Choosing the right one is crucial.

In this article, we’ll explore the factors to consider when choosing the best ice machine. From the different options available to the characteristics it must possess, we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

This article will guide you in choosing the right solution for you.


How to choose a quality ice machine?

The ice maker is a truly indispensable tool if you need to get lots of ice cubes, quickly and easily.

The ice machine models offered by Diadema have important features and functions such as:


  1. Production capacity: the production capacity is 18 kg of ice every 24 hours per tray. In this way it is possible to have a maximum of 36 kg of ice available in the double drawer version;


  1. Speed: the ice making cycle is not instantaneous, it takes place approximately every 10 minutes;


  1. Tank capacity: the tank capacity for each single drawer is 400 gr.;



  1. Dimensions and design: the ice machines have compact dimensions to better manage spaces in the kitchen and are available in the version with single or double drawer, in standard steel and black steel finishes;


  1. Extra features and options: they have an automatic ice block with full drawer and an integrated ice dispenser as well as a noise level of less than 40 dBA;


  1. Safety: all visible components are easily washable. The ice machines have a warning alarm in case of lack of water and are energy saving;


  1. Characteristics: they are equipped with a removable grille and LED lighting.


Homemade ice machine: what do you have to evaluate?

An ice machine at home can prove to be very useful, for celebrations and parties, or simply to refresh drinks, coffee and fruit juices, when you feel like it, or prepare delicious slushes and smoothies. With the undeniable advantage of not having to store ice in the already quite limited space of a normal freezer.

In addition to the characteristics already mentioned, if you want to buy a machine with the intention of using ice at home, with family or friends, also consider dimensions and consumption:


  • External dimensions: H 458xW 595xD 380 mm

Built-in dimensions: H 450xW 560xD 560 mm

Packing size: H 550xW 700xD 455mm


  • Annual consumption: <180 kW/h (A++)


How much is a cocktail ice machine


We haven’t mentioned it before, but cost can also be a factor when choosing an ice machine. However, the price must always be considered in relation to the production capacity, speed and quality of the ice cubes produced.

In principle, the prices of this product vary from approximately 2500 to 2700.

If you want to buy reliable and quality appliances for home use, it is always advisable to go directly to companies like Diadema with a solid and proven experience in the sale of ice-making appliances.

On our site you will find many models of ice machines, with single or double dispenser, equipped with water dispenser and customizable in different finishes.

Contact us for more information or if you want to receive a quote.


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