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Home ice machine

Home ice machine

Home ice machine

How many people dream of always having quality ice in the summer, available in a few minutes at home? Probably many more than we think. The ice machine has always been considered an appliance that could be done without, but although it is not essential to have at home, owning it has several advantages.

The offer of home-made ice machines has surged in recent years, especially following the pandemic period. The purchase of household appliances has significantly increased. And this is because the need arose in people to be able to always have what they wanted at home at all times.

Especially in the summer, when it’s too hot outside to even go out for ice cream, having an ice machine at home can make a huge difference.

And the advantage is not only because this allows you to enjoy fresh drinks, but also because ice can be functional for keeping a dish or bottles of wine longer during a dinner, for example.

In other cases, having ice available at home can be useful if you are the victim of an injury and need to deflate the injured part.

In short, a machine to make ice at home can be useful for several reasons.

Let’s find out in the next paragraph three of the most common.


3 reasons why you have an ice machine at home


As mentioned earlier, having an ice machine at home can be an advantage for several reasons, but there are three in particular for which many people make this purchase.


  • Always have quality ice;
  • Save space in the freezer;
  • Have perfect ice cubes in all situations.


Having an ice machine at home will avoid having to use the bags to make ice or the plastic box. The latter only take up space in the freezer.

In this way another bad effect that will be avoided will be that of making the ice absorb the flavors of the other foods contained in the freezer. In fact, it is known that ice, kept in the freezer together with other frozen dishes, absorbs the aromas of the latter and the consequence of this is that the drinks undergo an alteration of the flavor.

The second reason is that having an ice machine at home allows you to have more space in the freezer.

The third reason is more related to the need to always have ice available for possible guests who can be had for dinner or for last-minute parties.

If, on the other hand, you want an ice machine, perhaps also equipped with a dispenser for still and sparkling water, then we recommend that you see our choice of ice machine designed for you. These are built-in ice machines and certainly more expensive, but with many features.

Most common questions about ice machines

Below we mark some of the most common questions for the ice machine.


How much does an ice machine consume?

Ice machines use more or less 230 watts of electricity to start and 100 watts to operate, on average more or less, so the consumption is not particularly excessive.

Do you want to buy an ice machine? Trust Diadema, the reliable and serious manufacturer of luxury appliances in Italy, including ice machines.


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