The philosophy of Diadema is represented by the principle of living your home enjoying the emotions it can give thanks to the possibility of enriching it with products that, being icons of made in Italy, represent the value that comes from the most refined aesthetics combined with a surprising design and the tradition of how to make things that is handed down from generation to generation of artisans. According to this principle we would like to present our products that we do not want to define simply furnishing accessories but, on the contrary, silent companions of everyday, entertainment thanks to their beauty and elegance.


It is a real pleasure for Diadema, always oriented towards the search for a beautiful product that doesn’t homologate to the mass of beautiful products, to present ERA COLLECTION: a wonderful Italian reality that creates furniture considered as to be real sculptures and objects that take shape from the dream-visionary creativity, halfway between the Art Deco and the Postmodern, by the artist and designer Grazia Azzali.

The creations, made of precious solid French inlaid ash wood are hand finished and painted and are presented not only as a piece of furniture of extraordinary quality, but also as a real work of art. The pieces, although reproducible, have some differences due to the manual intervention of carving, painting and finishing and for this reason, each piece is numbered and accompanied by a specific guarantee certificate.

Azzali includes a creative path of great artistic growth with numerous photographic travels and reportages all over the world and exposing his works in solo and group exhibitions in Italy (for example, to museum of Canova, inaugurated by the critic Vittorio Sgarbi) but also to the Niagara Art Gallery in Ontario (Canada) with a solo exhibition, to Leipzinger Grafik Borse in Lipsia and to Atelier KunstSchule in Berlin (Germany), to “Pole Star” Solianka Art Gallery in Moscow, to “Salle Prive” Art Gallery in Malindi (Kenya), to “Le mulin de Ventabren” Gallery in Marseilles (France), to World Fine Art Center in New York with a solo exhibition, to Damanhour Library in Alexandria and to Cultural Center Susanna Mubarak (Egypt).

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Bottle holders are made of ash wood, assembled with water-based vinyl glues and finished with semitransparent lacquering and they represent once again the creativity of the artist Grazia Azzali. Objects of value, both for the material used and the finish and moreover because they are born with the intent of welcoming suggestions and emotions that only bottles of excellent wines can give. The line is made up of these models: VENUS,TABACUM AND HORTUS.


For Paolo Frigerio, wood has been a continuous source of inspiration for more than sixty years. The principle on which he bases the foundations of his work is represented by the value of wood as Eco-sustainable raw material: this means respect for the plant and therefore the use of wood comes from places where the tree cutting is planned and followed by reforestation practices.

Besides that, it is important to focus our attention on the customized realization that is to say, to create personal solutions for the different needs of space and taste. For these two reasons Paolo Frigerio’s creations can only tell you all the care and passion that he dedicates to his works.
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