How to choose an ice machine
How to choose an ice machine
5 January 2023
Home ice machine
Home ice machine
18 January 2023

Built-in coffee machine, good coffee every day

built-in coffee machine

built-in coffee machine

Would you like to have the opportunity to enjoy a good hot coffee every day, without necessarily having to use the mocha and therefore making as little dirt as possible?

The built-in coffee machine is exactly what you need. Coffee ready in minutes, tasty and ideal for starting the day in the right way.

Many have chosen this option today, although the noise and smell of the mocha will always remain in the memory of each of us in an extremely pleasant way.

But you know, everyday life leads us to be multitasking and very quick in executing our actions. That’s why having a built-in coffee machine at home can be the best solution.

The advantages of this choice are immediately definable:


  • Dirty less;
  • Speed ​​up the coffee making process;
  • You have the possibility of always having an excellent coffee in just a few minutes, as if you were having it at the bar.

But how to choose the best built-in coffee machine for home?


As always, it really depends on your specific needs and the space you have available. The machines proposed by Diadema, completely made of 304 stainless steel in all the details, even the filter holder and the coffee press, are available in two main versions:


  1. Built-in multifunction coffee machine with TFT display;
  2. Touch control built-in coffee machine.


The costs of these built-in coffee machines are certainly not low, also because it involves making an investment in order to always have excellent coffee available.

But what are the characteristics of these built-in coffee machines by Diadema? Let’s find out in the next paragaph.

Features of Diadema built-in coffee machines

The characteristics of built-in coffee machines certainly represent important points on the basis of which to make an informed choice of the machine.

They are divided by:


  • Generic characteristics;
  • Technical data to consider;
  • Functions;
  • Security.


Among the features, the most important points to consider are:

  • personalized aesthetics;
  • functionalities;
  • the type of coffee that can be used.


Among the technical data, the most important points are:

  • the material;
  • the dimensions;
  • the capacity of the tank;
  • pressure;
  • consumption.


Among the functions:

  • the ability to program;
  • temperature regulation;
  • the coffee counter;
  • the energy saving mode.


Another important feature is certainly no less, namely that relating to safety, therefore:

  • alarm for lack of water and coffee;
  • cleaning signals that must be given to the machine;
  • descaling warning.


Based on these characteristics, you can choose the best built-in coffee machine.


What drinks can the built-in coffee machine prepare?


When we talk about a built-in coffee machine, we think that it can only prepare this drink, but in reality there are others that you can enjoy, namely:


  • Cappuccino
  • Latte macchiato
  • Coffee and milk
  • Warm milk


How many watts should a good coffee machine have?

Usually the consumption wattage is between 600 and 850w, but it depends a lot on the characteristics of the built-in coffee machine you choose.

Do you need to buy a built-in coffee machine?

Get in touch with Diadema.


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